Sunday Signs & Symbols: Hindu Temple?

What I love about the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights Elmhurst, Queens (besides the fact that I grew up in Elmhurst) is the fact that that it is a melting pot of so many different cultures.  The local hospital, Elmhurst Hospital, apparently has staff that can speak approximately 80 languages and dialects to serve the community.

I was in the neighborhood one day and walked by this Sunoco gas station on Roosevelt Avenue & 72nd Street, I realized that there was one sign out of place from the rest.

Amid the signs for gas prices, state inspections, and washes there was a sign for what I’m guessing is a Hindu temple?  I didn’t have time to explore further so I can’t say exactly what place this sign is advertising.  I will have to come back and find out and let you know!

It is a little odd that a sign like this is mixed in with the gas station signs but maybe for this neighborhood, it makes a lot of sense.  If anyone can read the text, please let me know what this sign says in a comment.  Thank you!!!

Sunday Signs & Symbols is a weekly blog event, showcasing a picture and an explanation on this broad topic. Every culture uses signs and symbols to interpret their environment, inject meaning to life, and attach value to an object or practice so that its people share a common understanding of the world and the social rules that dictate the behavior within it.